Working with Margaret was so important to our company as we needed the expertise that she had, and the calm efficient way that our instructions and meetings happened, enabled us to learn and work with her for success.
We continue forward and are able to communicate together in the future.

Gerry Poitras

Great to work with so professional accurate and understanding.

Gary Darrel

Very friendly and patient, incredible value, and highly knowledgeable. Margaret walked me through numerous topics in Quick Books Online such as GST, income tax, splitting expenses (personal vs business), receiving partial invoice payments, managing payroll, and bank reconciliation. She really has a deep understanding of QBO as she walked me through each of my questions and procedures ensuring I understood what we were doing while we did it together through our online session. She went above and beyond on the time she spent with me compared to what I actually paid for. The experience far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her excellent service. Thank you so much for your help!

Kris Penner

Margaret was great to work with. She was very accessible and I feel I got good value for the cost. She helped me set up my QuickBooks account and all the associated rules and groupings required for taxes.
Thank you.

Paul Berkenbosch

Very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. After seeing the results/reporting I am wondering how I ever survived without them. HUGE thanks.

Cory Laprade